Tuesday, April 24, 2012

HP 1500 Color Laser Printer

HP 1500 Color Laser Printer


HP LaserJet 1500 color laser printer that offers high quality for use in the home office environment or small business. The compact size and reasonably priced HP 1500 toner is not an option, it is easy to install this printer in a confined space or a tight budget. At the same time offering plenty of performance and speed of use are visible every day.

Features and Functions

A 600 x 600 dpi resolution and HP's technology layers of color, the results of this printer is bright and full of details, if you create a text document or more detailed graphics. Print output up to 16 pages per minute (monochrome printing), with a clear way to reduce congestion on paper or damaged.

HP LaserJet 1500, since it is based on the model, providing a cable connection through the USB interface. You can connect to other servers outside the network for use in an office environment, although the speed and the ability to make a printer that is suitable for a single user and updated operating system based on Mac or Windows.

printers are energy efficient, thanks to its 150MHz processor, but that does not mean that large print jobs to take a little more than a great machine, clunkier. In addition, 16 MB memory is sufficient to meet the needs of newspapers than average, but the improvement is needed if you have multiple users or complex print jobs.

Instead of hardware, including HP 1500 toner cartridges are easy to buy and install. The results cartridge color provides up to 4,000 pages each, and can be purchased either HP or HP options compatible brands. Get Green (Q3961A and C9701A), Magenta (Q3963A and C9703A) and yellow (Q3962A and C9702A). HP LaserJet 1500 Black Cartridge 5000 provides surprising results on the page, and come Q3960A or C9700A. In all cases, the results are clear and distinct from the first to take.

HP 1500 toner to understand the use of different media formats, and printers can work with documents and legal size paper, cardstock, labels, envelopes, recycled paper and transparencies. A paper tray 125-sheet that time and was able to increase the paper tray for increased use.

HP Color LaserJet 1500 Printer Why?

For a print quality that comes with the HP Color LaserJet 1500 is a good investment to support. Although this model has a number of other models in the side of the base printer with a resolution of the speed in qualifying, and paper choices. Suitable for home or office environments, including one or two users, the HP LaserJet 1500 machines provide powerful, easy to use and select the check box.


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