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Color Laser Printer Reviews

Color Laser Printer

How to choose a color laser printer in a Changing Economy

We conclude that the busiest time of year to buy only in November and December.

Not enough to do in the office and on the horizon in one of the biggest shopping days this year the day after Thanksgiving.

You are in the market for color laser machines?

Do not forget to do your research? It can be a daunting task when faced with other priorities at this time of year.

Here are some quick tips to help you understand what you need to do research.

A major factor of your choice if you want one printer, scanner, copier, or if you want the desktop laser printer color.

I have a small office and was looking for a multifunction machine. The only thing I do is make sure I choose the printer that is pretty good on paper and energy storage when not in use.

When you decide to target printer you want, you can start the list of features and specifications you need.

How much pressure does every month? Want to accelerate the process of printing in color and black? Do you own a high-capacity paper?

Want to print both sides of paper?

High-speed printing is more effective when printing large documents. You can not always stay in print. This is good because it is urgent.

Print resoltion to be very careful when purchasing. Stands firm to ensure that you get good decisions.

The output of the decision is different, but the average of 2400 x 600 dots inch (dpi). You should check what is the best high-resolution printer.

Duplex printing is a must in the office. Duplex printing means you can print on the front and back of the paper. This is good because it saves on paper. No one likes to fill the printer and again when you print a lot of documents.

This will save time and maintenance of the paper, are the trees.

Paper capacity is different, because some have more than one paper tray, but you want the paper tray and paper, at least 100 or more. Select the tray for 250 sheets of paper as possible.

Tray utility with beauty, but need not have this feature. If you write legal documents, the MP tray is optional.

Memory is important if you are printing large documents in color. 128 MB of memory standard, but higher. You will have more memory in the printer to print as soon as possible and the best!

Decide how much you can print in the month. To write 100 pages per month, 250 or 500? This will help you narrow your choices in pages per minute, capacity paper tray and toner cartridges are needed.

With the changing economy, there are many factors to consider when selecting the printer. Correlated with the Energy Star printer helps you save energy. Especially good way to save energy and sleep.

Two-sided printing to save paper.

This is something I have to write each model under investigation.


Number of samples:

Lowest price:

Maximum price:

Maximum print speed (ppm):

Maximum print speed (ppm) in black:

Print Resolution (dpi):

Duplex printing:

The paper input capacity:

Options Paper capacity:

For all purposes the tray:


Memory Options:

Print the skill of the pilot:

Print amount per month:

When printing technology:



Energy Star as follows:

Brother Color Laser Printers Best Value

Brother Color Laser Printers Best Value

This article is in the sale of the color models of Brother laser printer and a brief analysis of each case. If you plan to buy a color laser printer now or at any time, go ahead and show the best way to choose and where to get the best deal.

Now here is the best-selling model:

Brother HL-3070CW

HL-3070CW color digital printing up to 17 pages per minute in black and has a capacity of wireless networks, ideal for small workgroups or small office. The production quality of the printer can be up to 600 x 2400 dpi resolution. It has an adjustable paper tray can hold up to 250 sheets. There is also a manual feed for envelopes. With built-in printer or wireless Ethernet interface lets you easily share network and other services to you. The HL-3070CW can print from PictBridge compatible cameras or USB Flash Drive.

Printer Interface: USB Direct Print, USB, 802.11g, 802.11b, Ethernet 10/100Base-TX

Media Type: Plain paper, thick paper, labels, envelopes, recycled paper

Brother HL-4150CDN

Brother HL-4150CDN Printer is one of the color laser high performance. It is clear to the network and also makes it ideal for small offices or workgroups. It has a print speed of up to 25 pages per minute in color and black and white print. This makes the document up to 2400 x 600 dpi resolution and has the ability to print on both sides with automatic duplexing.

Printer Interface: USB Direct Print, USB, Ethernet 10/100Base-TX

Media Type: Envelopes, labels, plain paper, glossy paper, thick paper, recycled paper

Brother HL-4040cdn

HL-4040CDN color duplex and network capabilities, the laser printer is ideal for workgroups and small offices. This allows production speeds up to 21 pages per minute in monochrome and color prints. Obtaining quality reports, brochures, and display up to 2400 x 600 dpi resolution. It has a single input capacity, including the bypass tray for envelopes and the time to download the letter. Printer Interface: USB, Ethernet

Brother HL-4070CDW

Brother HL-4070CDW color laser printer duplex, wireless networking, producing prints up to 21 pages per minute, all color or black and white. The print quality can be up 2400x600dpi decision. Print documents from your desktop, or use the built-in USB direct interface for printing directly from a USB drive. Flexible track papirinnmatingskapasitet may be extended by the addition of a selection of 500-sheet paper. It was built in 802.11b / g wireless and Ethernet network to share printers and small workgroups.

Printer Interface: 802.11, direct print USB, USB, 802.11b, Ethernet 10/100Base-TX

Media Type: Envelopes, labels, plain paper, thick paper, recycled paper

Brother HL-4570CDW

HL-4570CDW is also a color laser printer wireless network is ideal for workgroups and small offices. It has a print speed of up to 30 pages per minute in color and black and white print. There are two-sided documents automatically duplex and technology and provide a resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi.

Printer Interface: 802.11, USB direct print, USB, 802.11b, Ethernet 10/100Base-TX

Media Type: Envelopes, labels, plain paper, glossy paper, thick paper, bond paper, recycled paper

Brother HL-3040CN

HL-3040CN is suitable for small offices or home offices. This is a digital color printer network capacity. This produced a document of 600 x 2400 dpi resolution, and has a print speed of up to 17pages per minute in color or black. The paper tray will have the opportunity to bring to 250 sheets. Envelopes can print media through a manual feed thickness. Additional features built-in Ethernet network interface and the toner saving mode method, which helps reduce the use of tones.

Printer Interface: USB, Ethernet 10/100Base-TX

Media Type: Plain paper, envelopes, labels, thick paper, recycled paper.

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Small Color Laser Printer Samsung CLP 310

Small Color Laser Printer Samsung CLP 310

Samsung CLP 310, do not expect the fast speed of the laser power. However, units were sold in the affected areas difficult to provide affordable laser printer with a small element model. After design, the company and the personalities of friends who use equipment to measure, pencils, and cutting edge computer aided design (CAD) and tensile strength (TS) raw materials like steel and plastic to produce some of electronic equipment is handsome. They make a variety of devices to create cell phones, televisions and more.

Samsung CLP 310 color laser printer that uses toner cartridge types of additional equipment to this unit, although it is more or less compact. Some may think that this model may seem dull and dark and light gray. But perhaps the size of the unit that the company believed to be due to laser printers sold in this way. They say the device is small enough to fit in the right corner of your home or small office desktop usually a good thing because the laser is too large. Failure to comply with this standard laser printer to print documents and basically just the text of 22-23 seconds on the first page. Other pages that follow are performed every 5 second page or nine in a few minutes, as appropriate. For color printing, packaging machines up to four pages in minutes. As the front of the relative intensity of color, are perhaps half the number of pages per minute fulfilled. Write quality backup first class. But the speed should be of good quality. But it would be enough to see if they work and photos. With the laser to the promise.

When it comes to sound, the Samsung CLP 310 granted this right. Once configured, it works quiet, but near the printer is really silent. On the right, compared to other laser printers fear in the market today. It has a strong compact, shows what it takes to operate in a more energetic sound that network covering many printer body. However, it is good to have a small color laser printer market. But it does take a while since a new model itaibuka and that consumers are people with knowledge of more and only buy from the positive features of the design. It seems that Samsung users knowledge model for color laser printers require several design changes. However, the cost in accordance with design elements. In any case, the printed image is quite impressive.

Color Laser Printer Shopping Tips

Color Laser Printer Shopping Tips

Color laser technology is a useful tool for home users and businesses. Depending on the quantity and quality of printing, there are many different printers available. This reputation as a scanner printer, photo printing professional skill and the ability to print wirelessly.

This beautiful print

HP color laser printers are some of the best print quality. Good print quality is essential to a laser printer. Some customers buy a color printer that they know are wrong or bad. This causes the print head and combine all kinds of other problems. Fortunately, HP printers make sure they are tested and ready to go before leaving the factory.

Compare prices to find the best color laser printer according

Another important tip when buying a color laser printer comparison shop. There are a number of different stores that sell printer, and the average price with / beat the other person. Sometimes all it takes to show what the price of a phone shop to shop and beat him. good affordable color laser printer designed for the public, especially when the economy is tight. It may be worth the time to do some comparisons.

Choose the best time to buy

Purchase of special machines for the year is also a good way to reduce costs. Sales of the printer toward the end of many companies spend money, sales of Black Friday Thanksgiving and during the season behind the school.

Capacity wireless color laser printer

A color laser printers and wireless networking capabilities to solve the "chain of disasters" that some homes and businesses face. Most existing wireless printer. Canon PIXMA, Brother and HP Photosmart wireless printer color laser printers are some of the best record of reliability and wireless Internet.

Warranty and Customer Support

Trust is another important factor to consider when buying a color laser printer all in one. Without good security, you can buy a machine that will stop working in one or two weeks of purchase. Canon, Lexmark, Brother, HP and other big companies that provide the best. However, some better than others. Special check with the manufacturer before purchasing the printer.

By using the five tips, you're buying a color laser printer for your needs. Be an informed consumer and check all options before a final decision.

HP Color Laserjet CP1215 Printer HP Color Laser Printer Review

HP Color Laserjet CP1215 Printer HP Color Laser Printer Review

There are many printers on the market today, and you may find it difficult to find the ideal laser printer for a variety of options. If you are looking specifically for HP Color laser, I would like the HP Color LaserJet CP1215 interested in the color laser printer is one of the best you can get from the company. The analysis will include everything you need to know about this product.


This is a simple and compact laser printer that can facilitate the use and fewer side effects so you can store at any shelf, desk, tabletop or desk. The size is 15.7 x 17.8'' x'''' 10.0 and 38.9 pounds of pressure. Connects to computer via USB cable, high speed, "which works quickly and easily make copies. However, one of the greatest weakness of this lack of connection device. If the laser printer, which is used primarily for business or professional activity, and are not able to connect to other computers on device performance. Not connected and wireless networking capabilities. This means you can use a single computer, and also making sure you are connected to a PC.

No liquid crystal display device, and a small button. Other disorders of these devices is that the power button is located behind the left side of the printer. If you are not time-oriented, or if you are clumsy, or too weak for the work area, which will do everything possible and press the button again supply information to the printer works very apt to do it every time you use the device. But they often can not keep up and left work. However, it has energy saving features that almost no problem here.

Printing and other features

HP color laser printer that can print 12 pages per minute for documents and eight pages per minute for white documents and color. The maximum resolution that can create documents for both black and 600x600 dpi. Although it does not include automatic two-sided printing, has no driver support manually on the device so you can set it manually if really necessary.

The memory of 16 MB is what makes it possible to print some documents in a set or some long and complex documents with ease. It has a maximum capacity of 25,000 pages, so you can print about 806 pages a day and still no problems. Only one paper drawer units with a maximum capacity of 150 sheets.

Other characteristics

The unit automatically means you can choose whether or not the images, which can be printed to enable color printing richer with every detail of the color image. It is also Energy Star, which can save energy and protect the environment by using other devices than lasers.


If you are looking for HP color laser printer is perfect, HP Color LaserJet CP1215 is recommended. It has good quality, has some features that make the most of quality paper, and also very easy to use because there are many advantages to using a model.

HP Color Laser Printer Reviews

HP Color Laser Printer Reviews

The laser printer used to print the information in the original, but now find another job. The laser printer to create professional broadcast business in the media as weak as brochures, posters and brochures. For more than meet the needs of business and professional color laser printer was developed shortly.

Do good impression and beautiful, the laser printer the best material to use but are not limited to black and white printing. For color laser printers to publish, as it provides a new level, pushing the boundaries and borders are removed. As each print is protected with a laser printer.

A recent example of this multifunction laser printer, since it is common for business. You can print, scan, copy and fax, making them very valuable. Since the laser is standardized as multifunction machines, with its new model, color laser printers, a number of functions.

HP LaserJet line of laser printers to its own ideals, and Color LaserJet soon for mass printing and business use. examples of very expensive, but good LaserJet CM3530 color printers, but it's definitely worth every penny. Keep 31 pages per minute the machine. Scanning and copying, and faxing. 8.1-inch touch screen LCD screen makes it easy to navigate using the machines.

Examples of Color LaserJet CM2320fxi cheaper but still expensive. You can print 21 pages per minute in the unit, and a number of USB ports and memory card slots that accept a wide variety of storage devices. 2.4 inch LCD screen is easy to operate the machine, but many good reviews of the user interface engine, so it is highly recommended.

For example, cheaper, the Color LaserJet CM1312 is preferable, but the print speed is slower than the first two months. You can only print 12 pages per minute in black and 8 color pages per minute. Furthermore, it is said that all functions, including 2.4-inch LCD CM2320fxi, memory card slot and simple navigation tasks.

But if you want the latest technology in color laser printing, better than LaserJet CM1415. Not only has a good reputation, is also much cheaper. 3.5-inch LCD touch screen makes it easy for the printer. It also has the capability and wireless printing via Wi-Fi can be machine available. However, only print as soon as the CM1312, and no slot for memory card so there is little variety of storage devices.

For those who want a machine that is perfect for business, I suggest investing in CM3530fs. It's expensive, but so is the cost of doing business. But what you get is the best all in one color laser printer, I would say the CM1415 is ideal for you. This is an advanced technology and reasonable prices. But if you ask me, I think you have the opportunity to choose which printer is right for you, as long as HP.

Wireless Color Laser Printer

Wireless Color Laser Printer

Color laser printing used to pay for the service in the office to improve services. Now this can be done from the comfort of your own home. All this from the advent of color laser printer wireless. The type of printer that is of good quality and clarity of print so you can look professional.

There are two reasons why you should choose to buy a printer, and all is well in the name of the printer itself. First, the wireless printer in the printer-fashioned when it comes to staff, particularly because the number of people in the home computer is a laptop. Although the number of people using a desktop computer at home is much more than usual, there is no doubt that this is a very common product found in many homes. Color laser printing device without asking any cables or other accessories connected via Wi-Fi open. So if you have more than one computer or laptop at home, but only one printer, the wireless version of the appropriate type for you.

Besides the benefits of wireless printers, there are many advantages to buying a laser printer with all other types of printers. Laser printing is not only much faster than all other forms of personal publishing, but also high quality when it comes to an image clarity. When the Word document takes the time records in some other printers will take less than five seconds in the color laser printer wireless. Now wait for the space in front of the printer before the paper copy, as a laser printer, you do not have to wait or ssled again. If you are the type of person who always goes to the printer will also appreciate the fact that the laser emits a gentle hard to believe that little voice. Unlike most types of printers that make a big noise color laser printer to the wireless is so relaxed that you forget.

So set a unique advantage of the printer wireless laser printer, you can see them together in just a stroke of genius. I can not write back something easy for you. If you're a photographer, this printer would be a blessing, because you do not have to pay a lot that you can only print the pictures. Currently writing a book? Print invoices as you like, which will take much of your time again! Color laser printer wirelessly as a simple test of man's wisdom.

Dell Color Laser Printer 3100cn

Dell Color Laser Printer 3100cn

OPC (Organic Photo receptors), Dell 3100cn Color Laser Printer designed to print approximately 42,000 pages and about 10 500 pages per color. OPC drum integrated with the new chips to track the pages printed and the printer directly to the top as the dance wear. Therefore, any (if they are still useful) for the state dance, the user must take place. But in many cases the life of dance and graduation rates.

One factor that can shorten the life of the OPC drum is a type of paper / media is used in laser printers. In fact, if the user will always print more abrasive coating, hard and sensitive to short cuts Dell 3100cn drum life. However, if the user must be careful and only sponsors the paper / media is determined by the manufacturer of the printer, the drum life extends over the end. There are two cases in which the user must buy a new drum tabs.

The first is when users have to change the damaged OPC drum unit with a new OPC drum compatible with Dell 300-5732, would be as heavy as the new chips come with a new copy will not be possible because the chips also began work with the printer. In fact, all the chips heavily scheduled for 42,000 pages with zimechapwa died.

To restore the Dell 3100cn drum chips prevent the process of publishing a copy, but the quality will be impressive, but can only display when the drum breaks Top remains healthy and you can print more pages. Users should check the dance is reasonable to look for signs of damage or buy a new chip and re-write. As mentioned, depend on the lifetime use of ball, but many OPC drum designed to support further the rate of capacity. Therefore, the new chip set for the other 42,000 pages print drum.

Many users are upset that the chip will determine largely the Dell 3100cn color laser as before and not the quality of documents delivered newspapers in terrible denial.

The future of the printer slows down, see the OPC drum for all necessary Dell 3100cn can be re-priced at $ 17 and can continue printing. Identify the location of the drum can be more expensive than printing devices.

Best Color Laser Printer Review Canon ImageCLASS MF4370DN Laser All-In-One Printer

Best Color Laser Printer Review Canon ImageCLASS MF4370DN Laser All-In-One Printer

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone has their own opinions about what is best. But if you want to find the best laser printer, you will be surprised how many devices that claim the title. There may be many discussions about it, but a clear example of what it takes to be the best. ImageCLASS MF4370dn code all in one color laser printer laser printer that's good that you have to trust. The analysis will include everything you need to know about the device.


The unit is a dark gray to black makes it seem very durable and weather resistant. It is also not as bulky as other materials, but is too large. Its dimensions are 15.4 x 21.0 "x 17.9" ​​and weighs 27.6 pounds lighter than wide. But there is no pressure cartridges. It is also easy to install and configure a table or shelf, but the wireless network will provide an upper limit to the capacity of the location. and put the area around where it will remain to access your computer connected via Ethernet cable to allow the network connection.

LCDs are mainly used to evaluate important information during the process of doing much, and because it is a multifunction machine, a lot of work to do. More work is actually a useful model for businesses that require a lot of documents, including scanning, copying and faxing. If you have a business, as it is the office environment ready for when you get a printer.

Printing and other features

You can evaluate the best color laser printer for a good reputation, but the reliability of the device is wider than that. As a printer, prints at speeds of 23 pages per minute, or about 2.6 seconds per page. Maximum print resolution produced by this model is 1200x600 dpi, it really does all the high quality printing. Two paper trays that can provide large quantity of paper to avoid the need to reload the printer.

production at the same speed copier printer, but the low resolution of 600x600 dpi. The default setting can reduce inflammation and the document to be copied. Is 50%, 64%, 78%, 129% and 200%. There are two ways you can use the entry, a copy of the disc, you can read a document maximum size of 8.5 x 11.7'' and'' in quotes, read the maximum document size of 8.5 ADF '' x 14''. Reduce the use of ink, toner saving device can be used, and you can also save paper by printing on 4 and 2-1, which allows you to produce a number of document to be copied on a page.

The scanner uses a Contact Image Sensor Color to read the documents, and the panel and the ADF are available for scanning input. The maximum size of the documents can be read by the entire entry, and file formats supported by the printer, PDF, JPEG, TIFF and BMP.

There is also a fax machine is the perfect complement to any business. Fax documents can produce a resolution of 203x391 dpi and can store up to 256 pages of incoming documents. The speed of 100 quickly can save by using a machine you can put eight one-touch fast. The facsimile function is twice output is generated directly in order to maintain the paper in the process.

Other characteristics

device cartridges to save money, and you only buy one cartridge instead of two. Prepare a mixture of toner and drum together to save time and also save money by buying one product instead of two. complex mixing process is also made of this feature. The unit is a member of the Green Building Canon, which aims to produce quality electronic energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It is also Energy Star, in addition to environmental benefits and energy saving features.


If you are looking for the best color laser machines, the device name can bring. It is no surprise, then you have found the best features offered. It is multi-functional, reliable energy saving and high quality when it comes to backup. I recommend Laser Printer imageCLASS MF4370dn all in one for someone out there who want a good color laser printer that is not only exceptional quality but also affordable.

HP Color LaserJet 2600n Printer Best Color Laser Printer Review

HP Color LaserJet 2600n Printer Best Color Laser Printer Review

If you are looking for the best color laser machines, can not be found, such as HP, because the company is known for excellent writing. An example of HP Color LaserJet 2600n large, as the reputation of the old and well. The analysis will include everything you need to know about this printer.


laser machine is a unique look. He looked like a washing machine, and the white and silver finish makes it simple and easy to fit any home choir. It has dimensions of 14.6 x 16.02 x 17.83'''''' and weighs 34.5 pounds. It has good color and compact and can sit at any table or desk. But it's a little long, so you can keep on a shelf or cabinet.

It has a single button and a small LCD screen and the device will make access easier. This is an excellent example, and wireless capabilities. Need to limit the distance from the main computer printer with a long cable that connects them. This is not a problem if you only use the machine to a PC, but if you have multiple computers you need to get the printer, then there is the device for you.

Printing and other features

The printer is not only good in quality, but also many good features such as print speed. Can produce both white documents and color with the same letter in the job very fast 8 pages per minute, or about 7.5 seconds per page. It has a resolution of 600x600 dpi and ImageREt 2400 makes it really 2,400 dpi through several stages. It also has manual duplex printing to save paper you can print more flyers and posters back to back with ease.

It has two paper trays and the tray has a capacity of 125 keys. You can add a third option tray, a tray that can hold up to 250 for easy printing. This eliminates the need to constantly refill the printer to print and not only gives you a delay in the supply of paper. 16 MB memory machines large enough to hold all the documents that have not completed the printing of the document is too long and hard without any problems up the process. These functions are easy to use this model as the best color laser printer.

Just hold for this model is that the use of ink to speed quickly, and if you use black ink, color ink cartridges used as well. It can be very frustrating, especially when the original cartridge for this machine is worth more than the printer itself. But has the best production and printing devices are very good if you can ignore, will surely be satisfied with the ability to print. Other characteristics

This feature allows the printer to print N-up of multiple pages on one sheet - save worksheets that can also reduce the check. It is also Energy Star compliance device so you can be sure that is energy efficient. Not only you, but the mother will benefit from the use of this machine compared to others.


It seems that many laser printers on the market, but HP Color LaserJet 2600n can be presented as the best color laser printer you can get. If you do not believe that the use of ink and you are looking the best you can make a device, then I suggest now that some vendors offer. It has come to an end by HP and some people may have access to, and if you want to be one of them, so you better act fast and get the dealer today.

Color Laser Printer Designed for Business Use HP CP6015 Toner Based Printer

Color Laser Printer Designed for Business Use HP CP6015 Toner Based Printer


CP6015 HP large format color laser printer designed for use in enterprise environments. Very competitive rates, different colors and rich details and high connectivity, security, and duplex printing, this is the kind of printer makes it easy to produce professional documents in-house. Processor with a large paper, HP CP6015 also come to understand the large number of judges during the day.

Features and Functions

CP6015 speed in the beautiful series of pages available for each of the 40 copies per minute in monochrome and color complete results. production of the first page as fast as 11 seconds from engine heat and ready to go. The number of users connect to the printer to produce prints quick and accurate assessment of the entire office and USB options built in gigabit networks.

The CP5015 is designed by the results of the academic quality of both images and text, regardless of the type of document. The resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi with HP ImageREt of 4800 means that all decisions are rich and vibrant. For businesses, this solution provides the house in materials and presentation brochure

Due to the large format HP CP6015 printer to produce results in materials up to 12 "x 18" size (12 "x 36" poster). Total paper capacity depending on model number CP6015 series. The basic model has a capacity of 600 sheets paper stock (up to 2,100 CP6015xh offer all the leaves, and some models can be upgraded to any of the 600 and 2100). In all models, you can choose to print multiple sheets of heavyweight glossy, lightweight and recyclable, including envelopes, labels, cards and transparencies.

More information about HP CP6015 printer of high quality and high volume. The monthly duty cycle of 175,000 pages will work with 512 MB of memory, you can still upgrade to 1GB total. 835 MHz processor is high, while the optional high-capacity hard drive means that administrators can add their own print management and security options. Other features available on other models in the classroom HP CP6015, which offer everything from automatic printing and bias network through two 10/100 Base TX Ethernet network. Examples include CP6015de, CP6015dn, CP6015n, and CP6015xh CP6015x.

The new toner cartridges for CP6015 series comes in four colors: Black - CB380A, turquoise - CB381A, Magenta - CB383A, and Yellow - CB382A. and ink cartridges why always a product of up to 16,500 pages and 21,000 pages in black and color used. CP6015 additional cartridges are available in sizes as large as.

Why HP CP6015 printer?

The model is designed to use the HP machine business in mind. From Advanced Auto Navigation reduces paper jams in HP Web Jetadmin tool to facilitate the maintenance of the printer CP6015 offers business solutions for all benefits arising from Hewlett Packard is known. And in many different models available and updates, you can design a machine that has the correct size and capacity of their busy schedules.

HP 1500 Color Laser Printer

HP 1500 Color Laser Printer


HP LaserJet 1500 color laser printer that offers high quality for use in the home office environment or small business. The compact size and reasonably priced HP 1500 toner is not an option, it is easy to install this printer in a confined space or a tight budget. At the same time offering plenty of performance and speed of use are visible every day.

Features and Functions

A 600 x 600 dpi resolution and HP's technology layers of color, the results of this printer is bright and full of details, if you create a text document or more detailed graphics. Print output up to 16 pages per minute (monochrome printing), with a clear way to reduce congestion on paper or damaged.

HP LaserJet 1500, since it is based on the model, providing a cable connection through the USB interface. You can connect to other servers outside the network for use in an office environment, although the speed and the ability to make a printer that is suitable for a single user and updated operating system based on Mac or Windows.

printers are energy efficient, thanks to its 150MHz processor, but that does not mean that large print jobs to take a little more than a great machine, clunkier. In addition, 16 MB memory is sufficient to meet the needs of newspapers than average, but the improvement is needed if you have multiple users or complex print jobs.

Instead of hardware, including HP 1500 toner cartridges are easy to buy and install. The results cartridge color provides up to 4,000 pages each, and can be purchased either HP or HP options compatible brands. Get Green (Q3961A and C9701A), Magenta (Q3963A and C9703A) and yellow (Q3962A and C9702A). HP LaserJet 1500 Black Cartridge 5000 provides surprising results on the page, and come Q3960A or C9700A. In all cases, the results are clear and distinct from the first to take.

HP 1500 toner to understand the use of different media formats, and printers can work with documents and legal size paper, cardstock, labels, envelopes, recycled paper and transparencies. A paper tray 125-sheet that time and was able to increase the paper tray for increased use.

HP Color LaserJet 1500 Printer Why?

For a print quality that comes with the HP Color LaserJet 1500 is a good investment to support. Although this model has a number of other models in the side of the base printer with a resolution of the speed in qualifying, and paper choices. Suitable for home or office environments, including one or two users, the HP LaserJet 1500 machines provide powerful, easy to use and select the check box.

Samsung Color Laser Printer

Samsung Color Laser Printer

Relatively poor and black and white printing? Does the laser printer that produces medium-quality home? Do you hate printers, in general, because you can adjust the color settings in general have a problem? Samsung color laser, color laser prints are always on the screen before printing.

Coming from Samsung, you can be sure that Samsung color laser printer that is worth every penny you spend on it. Samsung color printer that can print 16-21 pages of minutes, ensuring convenient when printing while reducing the possibility of paper jams.

Color printing is completed in less than 30 seconds when using the color tones, while the black and white prints will be completed within 11 seconds.

Many printers now wireless data technology that can wirelessly print documents, and Samsung is also the same, does your wireless printer. Prints from anywhere in your home or office as possible.

The paper is not such a problem, because they have the paper feed regions other than the actions 130-500 manual. Samsung printer is compatible with all operating systems on the market, so do not worry about the operating system to run.

Samsung is making a name in the electronics industry to deliver products such as electronics, mobile phones and laser printers. Samsung laser printer as the game screen resolution dpi color printing, making it one of the color printer market more effectively.

Get a printer, of course, Samsung, which is an important investment that you can get to work or home. Just make sure that the cartridge once part everywhere - space.

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HP Color LaserJet CP1518ni Printer Color Laser Printer Review

HP Color LaserJet CP1518ni Printer Color Laser Printer Review

I have always been impressed with laser printing, color laser all surprising success. But if you use a different type, I want better quality and longevity. After much searching I found the HP Color LaserJet CP1518ni and see that it has some good reviews. So here I share my own version of the study for the device.


If a laser printer, there is little, but that's because many functions. Its dimensions are 15.7 x 10.0 x 17.8'''''' and weighs 40 kilos, quite heavy for its size. But it is important for a critical equipment shelf or desk. You can defer your place of work, and wireless has, even if connected to the Internet via an Ethernet cable.

The design of this machine is unique, even bizarre, as it is shaped more like a toaster oven is very small and the navigation pane. two-line LCD screen for easy access is only used when using the printer without a PC card slot and memory devices. The printer is an obvious body gray with light gray panel in the front.

Printing and other features

laser printer in one of these machines, laser printers and color is another. In this model, I found a printer that produces excellent output quality and rich color images, the most obvious, and in more detail. The printers can produce prints in black and resolution 600x600 color and black print speeds of 12 pages per minute in color, paper of 8 pages per minute.

Although there is no automatic duplex printing feature set, the driver support and instructions can set automatic duplex printing can be done. The printer is in memory of 96 MB is too high for inkjet printers, and can accumulate pending print multiple documents at once so you do not need to see if you can write now or not.

You can print on paper sizes Letter, legal, executive, and envelopes. This is a heavy duty cycle of 30,000 pages, which means they can do 30,000 copies of each document to be printed per month. Dual paper trays, opening devices and paper feed tray holding 150 sheets.

Other characteristics

The device wired networking capabilities, allowing me to use many computer output devices. This limits the availability of printers, but because it is associated with cable and a certain height. It is also Energy Star unit, making it a good place to use other color laser printers.


The only problem with this device is that uses ink which is required to allow the cartridge change from time to time. It can be very difficult if you are busy, and too expensive. However, the quality of the machine makes the weakest. As a generalization, I would say I am very happy with the HP Color LaserJet CP1518ni. Offers what you need and get good print quality. So if you are looking for a specific color laser printer with good quality, we recommend this model.

Color Laser Printer Toner

Color Laser Printer Toner

Color laser printer toner can give good results in some of his work in the press. If the material is printed on glossy paper or empty, always enter the picture has the reputation of what they see. This is one reason why many professional graphic artist to use laser printers when you want to put their digital art on paper.

No devices such as laser printing, the ink jet printers operate by spraying with a little ink on waste paper. The main problem in this process is the result of printing is the most dangerous and as common as water. Are easy to remove the small amount of liquid. After closer inspection, you will see that the images printed on inkjet devices with little edge wear. This is because the small amount of ink spread is somewhat larger than the original route or intended.

Unlike the laser image transfer printers or characters on paper and other materials which act as the main drum. laser for projecting the image on the photoconductive drum coated. Photoconductivity remove the charges from the place where the light is clear. Color Laser Printer toner particles are then picked up the process by which the areas of electronic drums. When this happens, the dance or the characters in the image and role of direct contact with heat. This permanent ink or toner combine dry paper.

While this may seem a simple step, it is difficult to determine because of the color laser printer to do it four times. This is a command for each color, ie cyan, magenta, yellow and black took dance classes. A basic color laser printing machinery heavy rotation in four different colors for each page. The more complex process established more or less the same, except that there are four colors on a plate, then move the paper.

There are also several printers set up more complicated and complex, which includes a variety of drums, and color laser toner for each. For this type of printing equipment offers improved print quality, enough to say which is more expensive and costly to maintain.

One obstacle to printing devices that use laser technology expensive toners. If you're in the market for plants, try to choose a color laser printer toner easily and cheaply. Generally, you must also ensure that the equipment that supplements or high-quality printing that is right for you.

Brother Color Laser Printer Quality and Performance

Brother Color Laser Printer Quality and Performance

The printers are not only important in the workplace but also at home. Since the type of laser printers dot matrix computer always thought most of their own, you need to print documents one by one, each time either needs work or school at home easier. Need laser printer can print lots of paper, cardboard, thick paper, if, acetate, and even photo paper, so the more advanced types of printers on the market. Brother color laser printer will do all this and more, so that the need for your business and your home. Some laser printers available on the market.

Brother Color Laser HL-3040CN printer seventeen pages per minute in both color and black and white, with 600 and 2400 dpi resolution. The compact design saves valuable work space, even with 250-sheet capacity paper tray underneath the printer system and food available manual if you want to print other types of paper such as envelopes and transparencies. Another good thing about this printer is built-in Ethernet network interface, networking LAN where you can share the printer with other users on the network.

Brother HL-3070CW Example Color Laser Printer HL-3040CN has all the features, but this system has the potential to be developed for wireless connections. This printer has a wireless network connection 802.11b / g, so it's ready to share printers between users of fixed wireless home or office. In addition to wireless capabilities, it also has a USB direct interface allows you to print directly from PictBridge or USB flash drives, camera memory, making it easy to print without having to become computer.

HL-4040CDN example, on the contrary, you can print amazing 21 pages per minute, although the latter may allow you to print both sides of paper without having to change paper and manual re-feeding. It has the ability to produce photographs and documents of 2400 dpi resolution 600, with capacity of 300 sheets of paper that allows to keep writing, and for new high-capacity cartridges toner that can be used to change the cartridge usually make This printer brother color laser printing the intense activities to do with the touch of a button.

Brother color laser printers are available on the market last HL-4070CDW, HL 4040CDN and publish basic double capacity, ultra fast 20 pages and a minute of high capacity by 2400 and 600 dpi resolution, but the wireless 802.11 b / g is a 300-sheet paper capacity, but the printer tray expandable to 800 keys. Also with this computer, you can print directly from USB flash disk, USB direct interface. This printer is for those who want to print to the next level.

If you are looking for ways to bring quality and color of your life, Brother color laser printer is right for you. Try to see which one suits your needs, one of which model you choose, the right to choose whether to select Brother printers.

Samsung Color Laser Printer CLP-300 Model For Small Office

Samsung Color Laser Printer CLP-300 Model For Small Office

Looking for a great gift for the home office or small business and want to spend too much on color laser printers, color laser printer Samsung is probably what you're looking for. For a reasonable price at 60.00 is easy for everyone in the need for color machines. This particular printer is very compact and takes up very little space in the office or have the ability to not only more expensive models. Not only is this little printer which saves space and money, but there are many things to correct the larger models and more expensive to make.

If you do not have a high production demands to be enjoying all the printers you need to print 17 pages of records made in the ordinary letters, 16 pages per minute for A4 size prints. It is black and white text printing is a very fast, but slow down when it comes to color imaging and printing. But if you do not have much need for something like this should not be a problem.

printers handle up to 150 sheet paper tray for all the effects are too noisy and run free, so you never know until the paper machine. This is something that most people who buy it is true love. You can use the printer for a variety of different objects and write letters to form his own movement and greeting cards. A word of warning, but if you see the machines that give the store your digital photo imaging options, you will not receive. Not because it is so cheap just because the majority of laser printers, no matter how much you do not have the energy costs.

Because you will save big money on machines, especially as a gift for someone, you can get some money and probably get nice engraved on the head to rest on the moon, new printers come with them and point out two perfect gift for their home offices. If you look around enough, you can find something perfect for gifts.

HP Color Laser Printer Efficiently

HP Color Laser Printer Efficiently

Get a printer can be expensive, especially if used alaserjet. With some printers, toner cartridges can cost more than half of the printer, so some people choose to Hack printer ink can be refilled. You can actually do more harm printer behavior, and spending more to save money.

However, laser printers and ink they can save money and actually use it printersto generate income for themselves. HP color laser printers laser printers can be used in this way, and some printers on this page, below the pricing.

The HP 3600 has a print speed of 17 pages per minute. However, this machine is the ratio acheap fixed site, and use only printing color printing in black and white Fenton 9 cents. CM1312 MFP, however, may cost a bit, in 3600, but since it already has 10/100 Ethernet and USB connectivity, making it possible to print from the Internet, and combines this machine.

Black and white printing costs of 3.2 cents and 16.9 cents for color. However, the speed of the HP CP2025dn 3600, CM1312 MFP and functionality of the group, but this HP color laser duplex printing allows printing on both sides. 2.5 sen per page cost to print in black and 4.3 cents is used in paint.

HP Color Laser Printer offers all the advantages and disadvantages, and a special feature that others do not mean to steal. Not considering the adoption of the printer so you need to consider your work online, because if there is any difference, so you get a printer for business.

Toner Based Printer HP 1600

Toner Based Printer HP 1600


HP Color LaserJet 1600 Printer is fully operational, which bodes well for a single user Windows PC. Although it has many additional features at or near the model, this machine offers a print resolution and the speed of sound for the size and price. If you work in an office or main office printer for a user who is reliable, the HP 1600 is a good investment.

Features and Functions

And 264MHz processor technology and HP Smart Printing HP LaserJet 1600 all power options and packaging printing. 600 x 600 dpi resolution is stable, fast printing up to 8 pages per minute. All these features make the printer work in a home office environment or small business, with emphasis on full text documents and color graphics.

More features of HP Color LaserJet 1600 is compatible with other printers in this price range. 16 MB of memory and USB wireless connectivity means that the printer works best with the user, but the paper tray of 250 sheets, means no more documents.

The printer can be used with a standard letter and legal size paper, with more options for feeding envelopes, transparencies, paper labels, glossy paper, photo paper or heavy paper machines. Smart printing technology means that the results in each of the print media is optimized and uniform color.

One of the best features of any machine in a range of cost effective new HP toner. By 1600, Color LaserJet toner and the results available to 2,000 pages (color cartridge) and 2,500 pages each (with the black cartridge). I could have bought the game in a slightly different option, and come in green (Q6001A) Magenta (Q6003A) and yellow (Q6002A). HP LaserJet 1600 Q6000A black toner cartridges listed as part number and offer something more than the price of the business pages. All HP 1600 cartridges are also easy to install, thanks to a panel for access to users.

HP Color LaserJet 1600 Printer Why?

Color laser printer has the ability to create high quality, professional results are clearly visible and cost of seed, from the comfort of your own home. 1600 is a large circle of HP LaserJet printers.

HP CP3525DN Color LaserJet Printer Best Color Laser Printer Review

HP CP3525DN Color LaserJet Printer Best Color Laser Printer Review

If you are looking for the best color laser printers on the market, you will find examples of this title. However, some models are really worth the reward. Printing of HP Color LaserJet CP3525dn Take, for example. This is the best printer that offers all printing services, color laser and black too. The model is a detailed analysis to carry everything you need to know about it.


This is a great tool and very thick, and is known as laser printers. It has a white body with dark blue accents, and is clear and easy. It has a small button and 4-line color LCD shows only the essential information during the printing process, making navigation and air movement.

Its dimensions are 20.2 x 14.1 x 19.3'''''' and weighs 72.5 kilos, a large and heavy to operate the media device to do this as a good buy, and established the best in the area near the machine, such as a desk or table surface, as it only works over wireless connections. The device is connected to a computer with a USB cable for fast action, and network cable, you can easily share with other computers for better performance. The unit can be rated as the best color laser printers on the market.

Printing and other features

This is a fast laser printer. It can generate output in black and color fast 30 pages per minute, or about two seconds per page. The most important decision that the printer can produce prints in black and color of 1200x600 dpi. The printer also features automatic duplex printing, saving paper by printing on both sides, back to back for the printing of brochures and pamphlets, brochures, full color is no problem.

A good printer has a capacity of 384 MB of memory. Refers to, type in the desired manner and can also print the document too long and difficult process of printing. The maximum duty cycle is 75,000 pages to print the machine in 2419 pages of documents every day and think about the performance of the machines. There are two paper trays in the multipurpose tray machine for up to 100 keys, and the paper tray 2, and can accommodate up to 250 sheets.

Other characteristics

The model ImageREt 3600 color technology in a unique print in bright colors, is open, lively and detailed, full color is certainly surprise you and your customers, such as magazines for your business. It is also ENERGY STAR qualified equipment that not only benefit from using this product, also help protect nature.


If you are looking for the best color laser machines, no doubt turn HP Color LaserJet CP3525dn expectations and preferences. We recommend this model if you want the best units of the color laser printer offers high print quality, good reputation, and excellent performance.