Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dell Color Laser Printer 3100cn

Dell Color Laser Printer 3100cn

OPC (Organic Photo receptors), Dell 3100cn Color Laser Printer designed to print approximately 42,000 pages and about 10 500 pages per color. OPC drum integrated with the new chips to track the pages printed and the printer directly to the top as the dance wear. Therefore, any (if they are still useful) for the state dance, the user must take place. But in many cases the life of dance and graduation rates.

One factor that can shorten the life of the OPC drum is a type of paper / media is used in laser printers. In fact, if the user will always print more abrasive coating, hard and sensitive to short cuts Dell 3100cn drum life. However, if the user must be careful and only sponsors the paper / media is determined by the manufacturer of the printer, the drum life extends over the end. There are two cases in which the user must buy a new drum tabs.

The first is when users have to change the damaged OPC drum unit with a new OPC drum compatible with Dell 300-5732, would be as heavy as the new chips come with a new copy will not be possible because the chips also began work with the printer. In fact, all the chips heavily scheduled for 42,000 pages with zimechapwa died.

To restore the Dell 3100cn drum chips prevent the process of publishing a copy, but the quality will be impressive, but can only display when the drum breaks Top remains healthy and you can print more pages. Users should check the dance is reasonable to look for signs of damage or buy a new chip and re-write. As mentioned, depend on the lifetime use of ball, but many OPC drum designed to support further the rate of capacity. Therefore, the new chip set for the other 42,000 pages print drum.

Many users are upset that the chip will determine largely the Dell 3100cn color laser as before and not the quality of documents delivered newspapers in terrible denial.

The future of the printer slows down, see the OPC drum for all necessary Dell 3100cn can be re-priced at $ 17 and can continue printing. Identify the location of the drum can be more expensive than printing devices.


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